• Versatility

    Stirling mowers provide users with unparalleled versatility by offering interchangeable cartridges that cater to a wide range of turf care tasks. Experience the freedom to adapt and tackle any turf maintenance challenge with ease.

  • Value for money

    Owners not only enjoy the convenience of performing multiple turf maintenance tasks with a single machine but also gain significant value from their investment.

  • One machine, 7 operations

    Unlock the power of Stirling Mowers with their versatile capability to perform up to 7 distinct turf maintenance operations. Choose from a range of cartridges including Scarify, 6 Bladed Cylinder, 10 Bladed Cylinder, Verticut, De-thatch, Aerate, and Brush, and take your lawn care to the next level.

UC Cartridge Range For The ALLETT Stirling Lawn Mower

Stirling Mowers

UC43 Cartridges

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UC51 Cartridges

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