An electric-powered stadium rotary mower designed to cut and vacuum quickly and efficiently whilst still producing strong contrasting stripes.

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  • Electric, battery powered, eco-friendly professional rotary mower
  • No petrol with associated storage and management problems
  • Low noise and vibration levels and zero harmful emissions
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Behind the Uplift

The Allett Uplift 86 Evolution is an exciting addition to the Allett Evolution battery powered range. It has been designed to cut and vacuum quickly and efficiently with operator ease in mind whilst still producing strong contrasting stripes

Variable speed for operator comfort

Powered by 4x 82V Lithium Ion batteries the Uplift 86 Evolution boasts step-less variable forward speeds allowing a comfortable walking speed making it simple and easy to use in intricate areas.

A greener, quieter alternative

The machine offers a height
of cut range from 20-75mm and a greener, quieter alternative to help keep your sports pitch perfectly striped and in pristine condition.

Safe prolonged usage

The Uplift 86 Evolution boasts contra-rotating high lift blades and a wide chute for efficient collection. Hand-arm vibration levels are low allowing safe prolonged usage.

Interchangeable battery system

Interchangeable batteries can also be used in the Allett C34Evolution and other battery products. Batteries connect to phone app via bluetooth enabling the operator to check battery life, battery temperature and even the batteries location.

Uplift Owner Stories

Uplift Accessories

Upgrade your Allett Uplift mower with purpose-built accessories designed to provide added versatility and functionality.

Want to try the Uplift 86E?

If you would like to see this mower in action and try it for yourself, we can arrange for you and your groundscare team to have a no-obligations demonstration at your club or institution.

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