Collection: C Range Mowers

Experience unmatched versatility and value with Allett's C Range Mowers. With interchangeable cartridges for a wide range of turf-care tasks, these machines offer convenience and exceptional performance. Perform up to eight different operations, from fine turf mowing to scarifying, and achieve professional-quality results. Discover the ultimate turf maintenance solution.

Versatile Turf Maintenance Solutions for Professionals

Our C Range Mowers includes the C34E and C27E Evolution battery electric mowers, as well as the petrol models: C20, C24, C27, and C34. What sets the C Range apart is its Interchangeable Cartridge & Turf Maintenance System, which offers unparalleled versatility for turf-care tasks.

Designed to meet the diverse requests of groundsmen worldwide, the C Range mowers provide end users with the flexibility to interchange a variety of cartridges, allowing for a wide range of turf maintenance tasks to be performed with a single machine. This versatility ensures that you have the right tool for every job.

One of the significant advantages of the C Range mowers is the value for money they provide. Not only do they offer the convenience of performing multiple turf maintenance tasks with a single machine, but they also represent a valuable investment for sports clubs, turf maintenance contractors, and other professionals. The ability to tackle various operations with one machine not only saves time but also maximises efficiency and productivity.

The C Range mowers are capable of performing up to eight different turf maintenance operations, thanks to the interchangeable cartridges. These cartridges include the Sorrel Roller, Turf Rake, 8 Bladed Cylinder, 6 Bladed Cylinder, Verticut, and Brush. With these options at your disposal, you can achieve exceptional results and maintain the perfect turf for your specific needs.

The Allett C Range machines are part of our professional mowers range, specifically designed to deliver a wide range of professional turf maintenance functions in a single pedestrian-controlled machine. Each purpose-designed, easy-change cartridge head becomes an integral part of the machine, enabling tasks like fine turf mowing, verti-cutting, slitting, brushing, scarifying, and sorrel rolling to be carried out successfully and without compromise.

The year-round versatility of the C Range mowers significantly enhances the cost-effectiveness of the power unit, making it a valuable investment for bowls and golf clubs, turf maintenance contractors, and other professionals responsible for maintaining quality turf surfaces. With the C Range, you can achieve outstanding results and meet the high standards demanded by professional turf care.

Explore our collection of C Range mowers and discover the ultimate solution for your turf maintenance needs. Enjoy the convenience, versatility, and exceptional performance that these machines offer. Trust Allett Pro for precision and reliability in maintaining immaculate turf surfaces.
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