C34E Technical Data

Working width 864mm (34in)
Overall width 1120mm (45in)
Power Source No engine, 82V battery system, featuring 4 quick change battery docking stations. Can use any number of batteries from 1 to 4. Brushless drive motors for maximum reliability
Power output (net) 4 x 8Ah Li-ion batteries (battery charge time approximately 90 mins)
Cylinder drive Reverse drive cylinder rotation
Cuts per Metre 6 blade: 70-140 cuts per metre, 8 blade: 95-190 cuts per metre
Height of cut 8mm-50mm (0.31in-1.97in)
Handlebar Wide Handle bar, with half-speed button
Drive engagement Bale bar for rear roller drive engagement, handle mounted rear roller speed control
Cartridge head engagement 2 action safety switch & bale bar for cylinder cartridge engagement, cylinder mode switch gives option modes for the cartridge fitted, ie gives cylinder seed options and reverse drive for the most effective scarifying operation.
Rear roller Rubberised, 3 piece steel construction, with steel differential gears
Front roller 90mm diameter smooth roller, running on double sealed bearings
Grassbox Moulded plastic with steel reinforcing strip
Weight 115kg no cartridge, 160kg with cartridge
Options Grooved front roller, back-lapping safety control. Allett service set up to fine-tune settings to suit your needs
Optional accessories Sorrel Roller, Turf Rake, 8 bladed cylinder, 6 bladed cylinder, Verticut E Version, Brush, Optional additional batteries and chargers available (Charge up to 6 batteries at a time). Batteries connect to phone app via bluetooth enabling the operator to check batterylife, battery temperature and even where the battery is.