Collection: Professional Battery Mowers

Discover Allett's professional battery mowers powered by advanced Lithium-Ion technology. Enjoy the benefits of no petrol, low noise operation, emission-free maintenance, and exceptional performance. From the C34e Evolution to the C27E and the Allett Uplift 86 Evolution, experience the future of mowing with Allett's range of battery-powered mowers.
ALLETT Commercial Mowers at Twickenham

Powering the Future of Mowing with Lithium-Ion Technology

Welcome to our collection of professional battery mowers by Allett. Powered by the latest Lithium-Ion system battery technology, these mowers drive the future of mowing systems for sports stadiums, training grounds, and prestigious lawns, all while embodying the trusted attributes of Allett's heritage.

One standout advantage of our battery mowers is that they require no petrol. Say goodbye to unexpected trips to the garage and the associated storage and management problems. Moreover, these mowers are remarkably quiet, providing an improved working environment for operators. They can be used at any hour without causing disruption, making them ideal for noise-sensitive areas like college greens, hotels, and built-up neighbourhoods.

Our battery mowers are also emission-free, making them better for the environment compared to petrol models. Not only do they contribute to a greener planet, but they also provide healthier and cleaner working conditions for groundsmen. Additionally, they offer the benefit of lower vibration levels, ensuring enhanced comfort during operation.

Explore our range of professional battery mowers, including the impressive C34e Evolution—the large area, walk-behind cylinder mower that leads Allett's electric mower revolution. For smaller areas, the C27E is the perfect choice, offering similar cutting performance in a more compact size. We also introduce the Allett Uplift 86 Evolution, designed with quick and efficient cutting and vacuuming in mind, while still delivering strong, contrasting stripes.

And for cricket wickets and bowling greens, we present the Stirling battery mowers. Discover the excellence of battery-powered performance combined with Allett's expertise in maintaining pristine surfaces.

Experience the future of mowing with our professional battery mowers and enjoy the advantages of petrol-free operation, low noise, emission-free maintenance, and outstanding performance.
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