Once again we exhibited at Saltex this year continuing our history of attending the show once again held at the NEC in Birmingham. A wide range of our battery powered mowers were on show including the Allett Uplift 86E rotary mower, C34E cylinder mower, C27E cylinder mower, Allett Tournament and the new Allett Stirling launched last year. The stand was a hive of activity with customers, dealers and suppliers visiting us from all around the world. There was plenty of interest in the NEW Allett Stirling which has been a huge success globally over the past 12 months and is powered by a 56v 5Ah Ego battery with a 7.5Ah, 10Ah and 12Ah available for those with larger lawns.

At Allett we have seen a real change in the popularity of battery mowers over the past two years (both Homeowner and Professional) as people realise the benefits, both environmentally and for end users themselves. There are the Hand-Arm Vibration benefits over petrol-powered machinery, which is of great importance for groundsmen and women within the industry using mowers all day everyday. Noise levels are reduced which is of benefit to both the end user and people that may be in the near vicinity for example schools, colleges and universities when exams are in progress. Battery power contributes to environmental sustainability and while it may be initially a more expensive investment, there is a return over time.

The Uplift 86 Evolution, launched at Saltex 2019, is a twin blade rotary stadium mower powered by four 82V Lithium-Ion batteries with step-less forward speeds for a comfortable walking pace. It has a rear roller and is designed to cut and vacuum while still producing strong contrasting stripes. It uses interchangeable batteries that can be used in the Allett C34 Evolution and other battery products with most football clubs having both to compliment each other. Find out more on the Uplift86E here.


The C34 Evolution is a large area walk-behind battery powered cylinder mower designed for quiet operation in sports stadiums. It features interchangeable cartridges to verticut, rake, aerate and brush as well as mow with strong striping and an impeccable cut. The smaller brother of the C34E is the C27E with the same battery technology designed for sports stadiums, training grounds and prestige lawns. Allett won the Queen’s Award for International Trade in 2019 and with the UK and international markets in mind, we are working towards being carbon neutral by 2022. Find out more on the C34E here.

Allett C34E Cylinder Mower

The Allett Stirling was launched at Saltex in 2021 and since then we have sold more units than we could ever have imagined all over the world even as far as Australia where there is a great demand for cylinder mowers. This mower has been designed for the lawn expert. Those wanting to take their lawn to the next level and achieve the results the professional groundsmen are getting. The customers who buy the Stirling are using the very best seed, regularly using the cartridges each month and mowing two or three times a week.

The Stirling boasts a 10 second cartridge change allowing homeowners and contractors to quickly swap out the cutting cylinder for a range of cartridges. This is great for professional gardeners who are time pressured. Find more about the Stirling here

Allett Stirling

Saltex is always great for networking, catching up with customers and showing off our products with visitors able to touch and feel the mowers. We had our International dealers visit us at the stand, it's always good to see people face to face especially after the coronavirus times! We have rebooked for next year so see you in 2023! Our next show is Gardeners' World Live show in June 2023.

You can find video montage from SALTEX here

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