FOR THE RANGERS: Austin and Dawn Race across Kenya in Support of the RANGERS and Save the Rhino

FOR THE RANGERS: Austin and Dawn Race across Kenya in Support of the RANGERS and Save the Rhino

Our Managing Director and owner of Allett Ltd 'Austin' is about to embark on another crazy challenge. In the next few weeks he is off to Kenya to take part (he want's to win he's a competitive man) in the 'FOR THE RANGERS ULTRA 2022' race. This event is a 230km race split into 5 stages crossing five wildlife conservancies; the playground of East Africa’s iconic wildlife. The race will begin on September 21st 2022.

Austin competing in the 'Jungle Ultra'

Austin and his wife Dawn are running in support of the brave rangers who protect Africa’s remaining giants as well as 'Save the Rhino'. The entrants are all raising money for the welfare of the rangers who risk their lives daily to protect Africa’s endangered species. The Rangers are the thin line protecting Africa’s last remaining Rhino and Elephant from a multi-billion dollar illegal trade in wildlife produce such as rhino horn and elephant ivory. All profits from the race, and the results of any fundraising will go entirely to the 2500 rangers supported by 'For Rangers'. It will be invested in basic equipment to make their lives easier in the field, towards educational opportunities for their children and, with over a thousand rangers having been killed in the line of duty across Africa since 2003, towards the welfare of a Ranger’s family should the worst happen.

'Austin competes in the Marathon Des Sables'

Here's a little snippet from the race advertisement showing just how dangerous the race can be.....

''The 'For Rangers Ultra' takes place within a number of wildlife conservancies where you will be exposed to dangerous wildlife; risks which are beyond the control of Beyond the Ultimate, Save the Rhino and For Rangers, who will accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or death''.

The athletes have to carry all their supplies with them and Austin states you can only consume around 2000 calories a day and there is no hot roast dinner waiting for them in the evenings-they have to eat what they have in their bags! Water is of course offered on course at various check points but that is all! Both Austin and Dawn will be fitted with a GPS tracking device so we will be able to keep an eye on him from the office.

Austin at the finishing line of Marathon Des Sables with his medal!

You can find the race promo video here - you can see how the athletes run amongst the wildlife- even the lions! There will be rangers on course to keep an eye on any potential dangerous situations with the local wildlife and helicopters above the athletes.

Austin frosting over in the Ice Ultra- a 230km run across Arctic Sweden

Now for the important bit! Austin and Dawn would really appreciate you sponsoring them- your spare change is great! The Rangers are putting their lives at risk daily to look after the wildlife so we need to look after them. It will make Austin run faster too!

A few words from Austin.....

''This is going to be a tough but truly beautiful race. Please support these organisations by sponsoring me in the knowledge that you encourage me to run faster and suffer more! Runners are self supporting carrying our supplies and equipment on our backs with only water supplied at each check-point. I am paying all my own costs to enter this race so be assured that your whole donation goes directly to these organisations to support their great and courageous work''

Find Austin's JUST GIVING page here

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