Ego- Power Beyond Belief- An Overview

Ego- Power Beyond Belief- An Overview

Our Allett Stirling 43 and Allett Stirling 51 models are both powered by the Ego 56V batteries available in a 5Ah, 7Ah, 10Ah and 12Ah model.

Benefits of the Ego Batteries

1. Long-lasting: EGO batteries are designed to have a long lifespan, providing reliable power for your outdoor tools.

2. High performance: EGO batteries are built to deliver high performance, allowing you to power through tough tasks and get the job done efficiently. The extra power helps you cultivate deeper for longer with the range of cartridges we offer.

3. Low maintenance: EGO batteries are low maintenance and do not require regular maintenance like petrol powered engines do.

4. Health benefits to the Operator: EGO batteries are a more environmentally-friendly choice as they do not emit any emissions or pollutants. There is less vibration with battery products over petrol powered products. Noise levels are also at a minimum compared to petrol products.

5. Versatility: EGO batteries are compatible with a range of outdoor tools, so you can use them for multiple tasks around your garden. They will fit into leaf blowers, edgers, hedge trimmers and chainsaws etc. Find EGO's range of tools here

There is a 5Ah, 7.5Ah, 10Ah and 12Ah Ego battery available for the Allett Stirling. All batteries are 56V.

Ah Explained

The term "Ah" refers to the capacity of a battery, which is typically measured in ampere-hours (Ah). A higher Ah rating means that the battery can store more charge and will be able to run for a longer period of time before it needs to be recharged. A higher Ah battery will help if you have a larger lawn or if you are doing other lawncare tasks such as scarifying which will use up more battery life.

You may want to opt for the 12Ah or get yourself a RAPID charger and two batteries. There is a 5Ah, 7.5Ah, 10Ah and 12Ah Ego battery available.

Voltage Explained

The voltage of a battery refers to the electric potential difference between the two poles of the battery, which determines the amount of electrical energy that is available to be used by a device. The higher the voltage of a battery, the more electrical energy it can provide to a device.

All batteries for the Stirling are 56v

Charging Your Ego Battery

Types of charger available: Standard or Rapid Charger

Standard Charger

The Ego standard charger is designed to work with all Ego lithium-ion batteries, and it is capable of fully charging a depleted battery in just 50 minutes. The charger is equipped with a built-in microprocessor that monitors the charging process and helps to ensure that the battery is charged safely and efficiently.

Its intelligent battery control system continuously monitors the power and temperature of each cell to provide the most efficient and rapid charge. An LED indicator provides constant updates on the battery status and charge levels. The 56V ARC Lithium™ battery, with its innovative design, outperforms petrol-powered alternatives in terms of simplicity, cleanliness, and safety for both the environment and the user. Its impressive run-time and fast charge-time offer unparalleled flexibility." Find the standard charger here

Rapid Charger

The Rapid Charger can fully charge the batteries in just 25-30 minutes. Its intelligent battery control system continuously monitors the power and temperature of each cell to provide the most efficient and rapid charge. The dual fan-cooled charging system allows the battery to start charging sooner and finish faster, often resulting in a recharge time that is shorter than the run time of a full charge. An LED indicator shows the charging progress and battery status.

The rapid charger is great for charging batteries on rotation when mowing a large lawn or when scarifying etc. You can charge one while you use the other so you have unlimited mowing. Find our rapid charger here

Find our Allett Stirling 43 here

Find our Allett Stirling 51 here

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