Cyril Johnston's Product Training Visit to Allett Mowers: Strengthening the Allett Brand Across Ireland

Cyril Johnston's Product Training Visit to Allett Mowers: Strengthening the Allett Brand Across Ireland

This week we had the pleasure of hosting our Northern Ireland distributor Cyril Johnston for an intensive product training session over two days. With a team of seven experienced sales professionals flying into Manchester Airport the focus was on providing comprehensive training on both Allett's homeowner and professional products. The visit encompassed training sessions on the Allett lawn, a factory tour, and a mowing session at Brocton Football Club with the Professional range mowers. The collaboration aimed to enhance Cyril Johnston's knowledge and enthusiasm for Allett's range of mowers and strengthen their partnership as the premier Allett dealer in Ireland.

The excitement was palpable as Cyril Johnston and his team arrived at Manchester Airport ready to embark on a journey of knowledge and discovery. Austin welcomed them to his home lawn eager to share his expertise and showcase our product range on some really high quality grass. The stage was set for a fruitful and engaging training experience. Each salesman had the chance to get hands-on and use a range of Allett homeowner models and their cartridges and really get to grips with the features and their benefits. Austin passed his extensive lawncare knowledge on to the team and how to get the best out of our cartridge system. The day proved to be both educational and fun with Cyril Johnston's team gaining invaluable insights into the benefits and potential of our homeowner range. Day 1 finished with a team meal and a taste of the English guinness.

Day two began with a factory tour led by General Manager Mark Beavis where the team had the privilege of witnessing the craftsmanship behind Allett's mowers. They were taken on a journey through the manufacturing process observing the assembly of the machines from start to finish. The attention to detail, particularly in the creation of the cylinders and the hardening process left a lasting impression on the visitors. The tour instilled a deeper appreciation for Allett's commitment to quality and longevity as well as a sense of confidence in the products they distribute. Proudly made in Britain! Following the tour Austin talked the team through 'The Allett Customer', how amazing their lawns are and the standards they demand when entering a dealer showroom. Allett parts specialist Meg Hackett talked all about the new Allett 3d parts portal with After-Sales manager Mick Hughes running a Q+A session.

The afternoon session started with a dominoes pizza lunch ahead of a talk by Brocton FC's Nigel Pepper who talked the team through grant applications clubs have to go through and the barriers they face when searching for funds for new equipment. The afternoon saw the team have the chance to use a range of Professional mowers including our electric C27E, C34E and Uplift86E rotary mower. The training session allowed them to explore the benefits and advantages of these high-performance machines. They expressed great enthusiasm about the brand's opportunities in Ireland especially within the sports ground sector.

One of the most appreciated aspects of the visit was the opportunity to use the machines and gain hands-on experience. While brochures and product descriptions provide valuable information nothing compares to the firsthand understanding acquired through practical application. Cyril Johnston's team was able to work closely with Allett MD Austin Jarrett leveraging his extensive knowledge and expertise in grass maintenance and machinery. The experience left the team motivated and excited about the brand's potential in Ireland.

Both parties look forward to the continued growth of the brand's presence across Ireland.

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