Andrew Mosedale Joins Allett As QHSE & Improvement Manager

Andrew Mosedale Joins Allett As QHSE & Improvement Manager

Andrew Mosedale has joined us as our QHSE & Improvement Manager. You can find out more about him below.

''Andrew joined Allett in September as QHSE Manager. With his extensive experience across different industries & roles, Andrew has already made a significant impact in the business. He is a trusted member of the management team & has gained the respect of his colleagues very quickly. Andrews calm & proactive approach is an example to all'' (Mark Beavis, General Manager)

Hobbies, pets, family

I live in Telford with my wife Lorraine and our rescue dog Fudge. Lorraine and I have been married for 16 years and have 4 children between us and 7 grandchildren….at the moment. I don’t have any specific hobbies but we both enjoy getting away in a touring caravan when we can. We tend to aim for the smaller touring sites that have local dog walks and, hopefully, a nearby dog friendly pub. I do enjoy a bit of landscape photography and, many moons ago, I did have my own darkroom, back in the pre-digital age. Many years ago used to live very close to the Allett headquarters in a small village called Tixall and I went to secondary school here in Hixon. Also, when at junior school, I was in the same class as Austin, the Allett business owner.

Working life so far

My working life officially started as an apprentice at RAF Stafford as a Fitter General, however the majority of my working life was spent at Ricoh in Telford. Over these 23 years I held a number of different positions including Production Manager, Reconditioning Manager and Quality Assurance Manager. The time at Ricoh has shaped my way of thinking and influenced my approach to problem solution. As Ricoh is a Japanese organisation the approach, processes and methods were/are very structured and detailed, with a strong drive towards right first time. Since leaving Ricoh I’ve worked in a number of different sectors, usually in an Operation Management role, and very recently I was working for a company, as the Factory Manager, manufacturing timber frame panels for the construction industry.

Working at Allett

My intention is to apply and transfer my knowledge and experience in the areas of problem solution via root cause identification, to enable the business to develop and improve, through which we should enhance our customer experience.

What Does Your Role At Allett Involve?

My job title is QHSE & Improvement Manager i.e. Quality, Health and Safety & Improvement Manger), which in essence means; 1. To manage the quality process and drive improvements within product quality and service quality 2. To Manage the H&S process and ensure we, at least, are compliant to all legislative requirements 3. To promote and manage Continuous Improvements (kaizen) across the business. In conclusion it’s a fairly broad-based remit, but a great opportunity to make improvements and help the business move forward.

Now for the fun questions:

Favourite Film: Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Favourite holiday destination: Now = wherever we go with our touring caravan Previously = San Diego

Favourite food if you had to choose one meal: Salmon tray bake that Lorraine cooks

Favourite musician/band: ABBA – my first live concert in 1979

Fav Sports team: England rugby union team

What famous people would you have around your dinner table and why? Michael Macintyre, John Bishop, Micky Falanagan, Peter Kay – more laughing than eating.

Any hidden talents/ claim to fames?

Once in the same pub as Pete Postlewaite . I ate in a restaurant with Derek Hatton and sat very near and had a conversation with Lord Digby Jones. I trained in a gym along side ‘Handy Andy’ of Big Brother as well as Tim Henman. I once met Lee Evans in a country house bar

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