Allett Mowers sustainability project with kelee university

Allett's New Sustainability Project With Keele University

For a while now Allett Mowers have been focusing on newer and better ways to manufacture its products in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ways possible. As Allett continue to progress with their goal of becoming more sustainable the company is also continuing to focus on the manufacturing and development of battery-powered cylinder lawnmowers to eventually replace the petrol powered machines. Opting for Lithium-ion battery-powered lawnmowers helps Allett lawnmowers tackle the worlds current issues against climate change in the future. Keele University and their sustainability researcher, Archit Tamboli along with a group of researchers from the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) organisation are aiding Allett on their journey to a more sustainable future. By working closely with Archit and the University and team SEND, Allett has been able to gather a large amount of indispensable research which will be very useful on the development of new electric cylinder mowers as well as improved manufacturing techniques in the future. Archit has been assessing the cost and carbon production by the use of lithium-ion batteries on point of use and exploring any other potentially viable power sources that could also be used in the equipment. The team at Allett were blown away by Archit's knowledge and ideas for the company going forward. When asked about the research he was undertaking with the team at Allett and what findings they had discovered, Archit said, "The research showed the carbon emissions related to the use of petrol engine powered lawnmowers and Lithium-ion battery so far, which provides the insight of impact the use of petrol is having on the environment."

"The research provides evidence to show the impacts of using petrol as fuel to power equipment. It demonstrated how carbon is already produced by its use and how can use of lithium-ion battery could potentially reduce carbon emissions to zero", Archit added when asked about how the research he was carrying out with Allett could contribute to the UK's climate change agenda, as well as targets for carbon reduction. "The research provides the company with data which will be helpful in transitioning to production of zero-carbon emission equipment, hence aligning with the climate change targets."

Left-Right; Allett Director James Till, Keele University Student Archit Tamboli (Middle) with Lord-Lieutenant, Mr Ian Dudson (Right)
"The work gave me an opportunity to make a contribution in tackling climate change which I am very passionate about and which is one of the biggest concerns that require immediate action. I’m grateful that I got an opportunity to do that whilst still being a student. I’m also thankful to work with the Team Allett and Team SEND who also had been very supportive throughout the project." Archit will gain experience of working with a company that operates on international level and the SEND team who has already made significant contribution towards tackling climate change by joining forces with local SMEs. The project also gives Archit a chance to explore his potentials working as a professional researcher with real life data that will eventually be used in contribution towards sustainable future. ‘’The SEND project gives SME’s the opportunity to carry out independent research that would otherwise be outside of the company’s areas of expertise and financial resources. By working closely with Archit and the SEND team at Keele University we at Allett are able to gain a greater understanding of the factors surrounding sustainability and how our operations and products can give a positive contribution to the global and national targets on climate change. In addition, the university is able to develop its sustainability research with links to real world business which can only be positive for both parties’’ (Allett Director, James Till) Allett Mowers would like to thank everyone involved in this process gathering much-needed information to help us provide high-quality battery powered cylinder mowers, as well as improve our manufacturing processes for years to come. Thanks to the work put in by those involved, Allett also received a commemorative vase and ‘Grant of Appointment’ deed for the Queen’s Award for Enterprise from the Queen’s representative in Staffordshire, Lord-Lieutenant, Mr Ian Dudson. Read our blog on the Queen's award here. For further information about Keele University’s Smart Energy Network Demonstrator project, and how your business could benefit from similar low-carbon and sustainable advancements, please visit * The Smart Energy Network Demonstrator project (ref. 32R16P00706) is part-funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the England 2014 to 2020 European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) Growth Programme, and is available to ERDF eligible companies. The project is also receiving funds from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).
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