The Perfect Solution for Football Clubs: The Allett Uplift 86 Evolution

The Perfect Solution for Football Clubs: The Allett Uplift 86 Evolution

Maintaining a football pitch in top condition after every game is no small feat. The demands of keeping the grass in pristine shape, ensuring the pitch is clean and minimising the disruption to training schedules require efficient and effective equipment. Enter the Allett Uplift 86 Evolution a game-changing addition to the Allett Evolution battery-powered range. Here’s why it is the perfect tool for football clubs to clear up after games.


Efficiency and Speed

The Uplift 86 Evolution has been designed with operator ease in mind, cutting and vacuuming quickly and efficiently. With a cutting width of 864mm (34 inches), this machine covers a large area in a single pass making it ideal for football pitches. Its step-less variable forward speeds allow for comfortable operation at a pace that suits the user making it simple to navigate even the most intricate areas of the pitch.


Impeccable Cut Quality

One of the standout features of the Uplift 86 Evolution is its ability to produce strong contrasting stripes, a hallmark of well-maintained sports pitches where games are being watched by millions if not billions of people. The contra-rotating high lift blades and wide chute ensure efficient collection of grass clippings leaving the pitch not only clean but also visually impressive. The height of cut range from 20-75mm can be easily adjusted allowing grounds teams to achieve the perfect length for their turf.


Eco-Friendly and Quiet

Powered by 4x 82V 8Ah Lithium-Ion batteries, the Uplift 86 Evolution offers a greener and quieter alternative to traditional petrol-powered mowers. This not only reduces the environmental impact but also minimises noise pollution which is particularly beneficial in residential areas or during early morning and late evening operations. The benefits can also be seen in the stadium itself with rooms being used for conferences throughout the day.



User Comfort and Safety

The design of the Uplift 86 Evolution prioritises user comfort and safety. Low hand-arm vibration levels enable safe prolonged usage ensuring that operators can work without discomfort or risk of injury. The machine’s ergonomic design includes a wide handlebar with a turning control switch for high productivity and a half-speed button for precision control in tighter spaces.



Smart Battery Management

The interchangeable batteries are a versatile feature compatible with the Allett C34 Evolution and other battery products. The integration with a phone app via Bluetooth allows operators to monitor battery life, temperature and even location ensuring that the machine is always ready for use. The quick-change battery docking stations support up to four batteries providing ample power for extended operation times.


Robust Construction

Built to last, the Uplift 86 Evolution features a plastic-moulded deck optimised for airflow, a rear roller with a rubberised three-piece steel construction and pneumatic front wheels running on bronze bushes. These durable components ensure that the mower can withstand the rigors of regular use on a football pitch.


Versatility and Convenience

The Uplift 86 Evolution is equipped with several optional accessories including fixed strip brushes, a fixed rake kit and a front roller kit. These add-ons enhance the machine’s versatility allowing it to tackle various tasks beyond regular mowing. Additionally the handlebars fold upright for convenient storage and easy maintenance making it a practical choice for clubs with limited storage space.


Warranty and Support

With a 24-month/1500-hour warranty for sports users and a 36-month/1500-hour warranty for homeowners, the Uplift 86 Evolution provides peace of mind and reliable support. The experienced and knowledgeable team at Allett is always available to assist with any questions or concerns ensuring that users get the most out of their investment.




For football clubs looking to maintain their pitches in pristine condition with minimal hassle the Allett Uplift 86 Evolution is the perfect solution. Its combination of efficiency, user comfort, eco-friendliness and robust construction makes it an invaluable tool for clearing up after games and keeping the pitch in world class condition. 

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