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Allett cuts it at Hazlegrove

A school history dating back to the reign of Henry VIII and an educational lineage spanning five centuries gives you plenty to live up to. Part of the King's School Bruton Foundation, Hazlegrove Independent Prep School in Sparkford, Somerset is Co Ed for pupils up to the age of thirteen and sport is an integral part of their school day. Together with achieving excellence in academic subjects, there is an emphasis on the development of physical fitness and the sporting facilities encourage pupils in a wide range of sports. The school has chosen Allett mowers, a C-24 and a Buffalo 34, for cutting the finer sports turf surfaces and lawns, with the added benefit of the easy-change cartridge on the C-Range for other tasks. 'I used Allett at my last school', says Head of Grounds, Graham Kitley, 'and you can rely on them to be easy to use while producing really excellent results. We use the C-24 on the nineteen pitches across four cricket squares, and we can change the cartridge for verti-cutting, slitting and grass raking. The ten-bladed cylinder and groomer is superb for preparing the surfaces. We also use the C-24 for our six-hole mini golf and putting green.' The Allett pitch mower C-Series offers the school cost effective, year-round versatility while the Buffalo 34 is used for a truly professional finish on the fine turf front lawn that complements the imposing stature of the main house. It's an ornamental area that is also used for croquet and the Buffalo was chosen for its first class finish in all mowing conditions, even in the wet. 'We like it for its strong stripe and wide cut and we even use it on the athletics track where we can give each running lane its own stripe. It makes the track a lot smarter'. Says Graham. Hazlegrove School boasts high achievers in both boys' and girls' cricket, with pupils going on to become county players, as well as success in athletics at national and county levels. All the more important then for the Allett Mowers to provide reliability and professional finishes for both the sports grounds and prestige lawns at the school. For more details contact Leigh Bowers at Allett Mowers 01889 271503 Find a video review by Graham Kitley here
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