The Perfect Bowling Green Mowers From Allett

The Perfect Bowling Green Mowers From Allett

Here at Allett we have a range of mowers suitable for a bowling green depending on your budget.

Let's take a look at the options here....

Allett Stirling (NEW RELEASE) (Battery Powered)

The Stirling is the latest release from Allett available in a 17'' or 20'' model. This mower sits between the Homeowner range and the Professional range and is perfect for bowling greens due to it's excellent manoeuvrability. The new 'Glide-Drive' drag back feature makes the mower effortless to use for volunteers and groundsmen alike. The Stirling 43 weighs 53kg and the Stirling 51 weighs 57kg so its a nice lightweight mower for volunteers to be moving around the green. If you compare this to our Allett Tournament below which is 96kg (20'') it is almost half the weight. The mower is powered by the popular 56v Ego battery which is available in a 5Ah, 7.5Ah, 10Ah or 12Ah capacity giving bowls greenkeepers plenty of battery life to cut a green. Battery life is approximately 40 minutes (850sqm) with the 6 blade cartridge and 5Ah battery so with a 10Ah battery you can expect up to 80 minutes cutting time. There is a standard charger available (100 mins charge time) and a rapid charger (40 mins). We suggest the rapid charger meaning you can have a quick lunch break while your battery recharges. Even better still you can purchase a spare battery so you can charge on rotation allowing for unlimited mowing.

Benefits of battery power include;

  • Low noise levels - mow your green at unsociable times. A great number of bowling greens are situated in the middle of housing estates so low noise levels are a huge benefit.
  • Low hand arm vibrations - This is great for the volunteers who may be using the mower for several hours a day.
  • No emissions at the point of use - nobody wants to be breathing in harmful PM 2.5 emissions
  • Less servicing costs -no engine to service etc
  • No fuel storage issues/ spillage issues on the green or no need to be fetching fuel (which is now getting expensive!)
  • Cheaper to run - Approx 6p a charge at the time of writing (5Ah)
  • No engine issues/ starting issues after winter
  • Lighter mower - The Stirling 43 weighs 53kg and the Stirling 51 weighs 57kg
  • Cordless
  • Batteries can be used in other tools e.g. leaf blowers, hedge trimmers etc

The Stirling range drives a range of cartridges used to undertake a range of tasks on your bowling green. The cartridges available include the Scarifier, Verticut, Lawn brush, Dethatcher, Ten blade and Aerator. These cartridges can be changed in less than 15 seconds with no tools required (Ultra-Change) meaning you can undertake a range of different tasks quickly and efficiently without the hassle of unscrewing cartridge bolts etc. You can find our range of UC cartridges here. The Stirling is fitted with a new SURE-BLADE six blade cylinder as standard. This cylinder boasts a new stiffer bottom blade offering a reliable clean cut across the blade whilst also allowing very light contact cut settings reducing noise levels- ideal if your bowling green is situated in the middle of a housing estate.

The height of cut range of the Allett Stirling is 5mm - 50mm (Hite-Rite) and there is a quick step-less adjustment with a height gauge in mm and inches showing both height of cut and cultivation depth. Cultivation depths are available down to as low as -14 mm (Dethatcher) allowing for much deeper scarification when maintaining your green. The ten blade sports blade cylinder allows you to mow down as low as -4mm.

The Stirling is great for clubs with a smaller budget. You need to realise though this mower is not as heavy duty as our PROFESSIONAL mowers and won't last you AS long as a PROFESSIONAL mower however there are plenty of benefits over the equivalent professional machines including;

  • Lighter weight mower- easier to move around the green
  • Quicker cartridge change with no tools required
  • More affordable mower/cartridges
  • Low noise levels
  • Great height of cut dial so you can see exactly what you're mowing at in mm or inches ( you cant on our pro mowers below without the use of a height bar)
  • Easier to use - it's a simple mower to use for volunteers

Find our product video here explaining all about the Allett Stirling.

Allett Stirling 43 (17'') Find details on our website here

Allett Stirling 51 (20'') Find details on our website here

Allett Westminster (20'') (Petrol)

- Heavy duty semi-pro cylinder mower

- 20'' self-propelled

-12 blade cylinder

- no cartridges

- 2.4mm-19mm height of cut

- 196cc Honda GX200

- 92kg

The Westminster is one of our oldest mowers and was formerly known as the Atco Club. This mower is extremely popular within bowls clubs and comes fitted with a 12 bladed cylinder as standard allowing you to mow down as low as 2.4mm up to 19mm with a clip rate of 145 cuts per metre. This prestigious self-propelled Westminster 20H is purpose designed for creating specialised and amazing low-cut lawns, with long service and precision in mind- this is a really well built robust machine we are super proud of. The Westminster is fitted with an adjustable rake which combs the grass behind the front steel roller just like a barber would use a comb to trim hair. This ensures all the grasses are cut cleanly and also helps strengthen the stripe. The last thing you want on a bowling green is flat lying grasses slowing the ball roll down.

The Westminster is fitted with a reliable 196cc Honda GX200 easy start unleaded petrol engine popular amongst Allett customers. There is a double section aluminium rear roller that helps create amazing Allett stripes. Optional transport wheels enable the mower to be transported safely across hard surfaces like car parks and courtyards without damage to cylinder or rollers.

Find our video all about the Westminster here

Find more information on the Allett Westminster on our website

Allett Tournament (Petrol)

-Heavy duty professional cylinder mower

- Available in 20'' or 24''

- Height of cut 2.4mm-19mm

- 10 blade cylinder

- 96kg (20''), 105kg (24'')

- Honda GX120 engine

Easy to set and operate, the Tournament is equipped with a powered groomer that uses thin, closely spaced vertical blades to lift lateral grasses immediately in front of the 10-bladed cutting cylinder. This groomer can be lifted in and out of work as required. The result is a consistent level, true and even finish, meeting the exacting requirements of bowls clubs where speed and run of the ball are key. Engineered to operate effectively at low engine speeds the Tournament delivers low fuel consumption, noise levels and vibration.

The Allett Tournament with its 10 blade cylinder allows for a cutting height between 2.4mm-19mm which is easily changed with the easy click height of cut adjuster (no tools required). This machine is fitted with a grooved front roller as standard with a smooth front roller available as an optional extra. There are Pneumatic transport wheels and a stand available for moving the mower across a bowling green car park from the shed etc. This is a popular mower within bowls clubs offering a high quality finish to help bowls greenkeepers provide the perfect playing surface for their members.

The Tournament is fitted with a Honda GX120 engine.

Find our more information on our Allett Tournament here

Find a video on the Allett Tournament here

The Allett C20/C24 (Petrol)
-Heavy duty professional cylinder mower
- Available in a 20'' or 24'' cutting width
- Height of cut 2.4mm-19mm
- Weight C20 (88.5kg), C24 (94kg)
- Honda GX160 engine
- 10 blade cutting cylinder
- Interchangeable cartridges available include; Scarifier with Tungsten tipped blades, Scarifier, Turf Rake, 6 bladed cylinder, 10 bladed cylinder, Sorrel Roller, Brush, 10 bladed cylinder with groomer, Verticut, Slitter
Find the range of cartridges here
The Allett C20/C24 are similar mowers to the Allett Tournament however these units have the added ability to interchange a range of cartridges.

Each purpose-designed, easy-change, C-Range cartridge head becomes an integral part of the machine, enabling tasks ranging from fine turf mowing, verti-cutting and slitting to brushing, scarifying and sorrel rolling to be carried out successfully and without compromise. Such year-round versatility greatly extends the cost-effectiveness of the C-Range power unit for bowls clubs enhancing the value of the investment. With these machines you can have one unit in the shed that does a range of tasks saving you valuable space in the shed as well as money; you can add cartridges to your armoury as and when you need them.
The C-20 is ideal for finer sports turf surfaces such as bowls where low weight and a great finish are paramount. All models have adjustable handlebars, equipped with anti-vibration mounting. The mower is fitted with a grooved aluminium roller with sealed end-bearings. There is a plain roller available as an optional extra.
Height of cut range on this unit is 2.4mm-19mm with the 10 blade cutting cylinder which is the perfect range for a bowling green. This is changed without the use of tools with the easy click micrometre adjuster.
Find a video on the Allett C20/C24 here
For more information on the Allett C20/C24 visit our website
C20: Find details on the C20 here
C24: Find details on the C24 here
Please feel free to give us a call for more advice 01889 271503
Find your nearest Allett Dealer here
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