Stafford Bowling Club: Why Membership Has Soared and the Waiting List is Now Open!

Stafford Bowling Club: Why Membership Has Soared and the Waiting List is Now Open!

We spoke to Nick Bickley the secretary of Stafford Bowling Club to find out the reasons.

''There are a number of factors behind this increase. Firstly the high standard of the green and its surrounds maintained by our volunteer green team. Bowlers who visit the club always comment how good the green is to play on including the players from Staffordshire and Derbyshire who recently competed in one of the legs of the national final of the Crosfield Cup''



Clubhouse transformation

''Step inside the clubhouse, and you'll find another reason for the surge in membership. A recent refurbishment has brought new life to the facility, complete with modern, accessible toilets. This revamp has created a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, the perfect place for a post-game chat and a refreshing drink. It's more than just a clubhouse; it's a home away from home for our members''


Coaching for Newcomers:

''A number of our new members have joined following taking part in our coaching programme which allows those new to the game to learn the intricacies of crown green bowling whilst finding which weight woods suit them best. Throughout the season the club enters ten teams in the various leagues in Stafford and runs a number of internal competitions. As well as club nights newer members have created their own regular roll ups during the week''.


A Vibrant Social Scene:

''The creation of a new social committee has meant that there is a thriving social life in the club during both the bowling season and winter months. They organise music, quizzes, bingo and other entertainments and during the winter they also organise leagues involving crib, snooker, darts, bar skittles and dominoes. There are also regular coffee mornings where, during the season you can have a game of bowls, coffee and home made cake and out of season meet for a cuppa and a chat.

This all has led to a thriving community where members come together to play bowls and socialise in a friendly, welcoming community which goes from strength to strength as time goes on. The sense of belonging and camaraderie here is truly remarkable''.

So, while membership may be currently closed with a waiting list in place, the future of Stafford Bowling Club is bright. If you're eager to be part of this incredible community don't hesitate to join the waiting list and be prepared to experience the warmth, camaraderie, and the joy of crown green bowling.

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