Rob Moss Joins Allett as New Quality Engineer

Rob Moss Joins Allett as New Quality Engineer

Rob Moss recently joined us at Allett as our new Quality Engineer. We asked him a few questions to find out more about him

Can you give us a little bit of background about your previous job?

I was a PPE inspector for two years at a company called Arco Professional Safety Services, we inspected 'at height equipment' e.g. harnesses, ropes and fall arrest systems, along with lifting accessories. My role was instrumental in keeping people safe who work mainly in the telecoms industry. Prior to this I worked with my brother at his company 'Gayray Precision Engineering' machining various components on many different machines making numerous parts for Allett and other companies. From school I worked for a building and maintenance company carrying out commercial work for companies like Moto Services Rob Moss Joins Allett as New Quality Engineer | Blog | Allett Mowers

Where did your interest in quality come from?

I’d say my interest began buying bespoke made special addition parts for my 1994 mk1 Mazda mx5, I’d spend hundreds buying different mods that were made in Japan from companies that no longer trade but whose parts are still sought after and of course from working at Gayray with my brother James, quality was the key and nothing other than the best would leave our doors. I suppose that’s engraved itself into everything I make or do.

Can you give us a bit of a background on your life? Eg hobbies, family, etc

I’m 26 from Stafford (originally Stone). I have quite a few small hobbies but one of my passions was once boxing, I now haven’t trained or fought for 2 years but I fought for Stafford Elite Boxing club at a welterweight and found great success in the ring. I like to keep tropical fish and aquatic plants, and as I stated before I’ve got my old mx5 that I love to mess around with and go on random road trips to nowhere. I also really love music, mostly stuff from the 90s and before like Oasis and the Stone Roses. Most of my time is now spent with my best friend and beautiful fiancé Jess (our wedding is in 2021) we like to go on country walks over Cannock Chase or the Peak District and spend time with our family’s 3 horses (Riva, Reeno and Prizzi) we are also waiting to pick up a Doberman puppy very soon. Rob Moss Joins Allett as New Quality Engineer | Blog | Allett Mowers

What’s the proudest moment of your working career so far?

It’s not a moment more a feeling I guess, I’m very much proud to have had the opportunity to work with my brother at Gayray Precision Engineering. Knowing it was his family business started in a garage many years ago, it felt very good to be a part of it. Everything we did was always to the highest of standard and knowing id been part of that was great. The bond I made with James I will never forget and I’ve missed not seeing him every day, so working here at Allett with him again is great!

What are you most excited about working at Allett Mowers?

Everyone here at Allett has made me feel very welcome and part of the team. They're all very passionate about their jobs and doing their jobs to the best of their ability. I’m very excited about the new designs and ideas we have for the future, making brand new machines that no one else has made before and fine tuning the new C34E which I’d heard so much about before starting here! I’m looking forward to working with everyone in the engineering department and on the production line to make every day as smooth as it can be.

What will your new job involve/what are you responsible for?

I’m somewhat of a perfectionist and have a very good eye for detail and quality workmanship, hopefully my jobs roles in engineering and fixing and building things early on in my career will aid me in my new job role. I will be visually checking and measuring components with various different tools whether it be new parts from a supplier or checking something that could do with altering to make a machine better, I’m very thorough and like everything to be the best it can be, if it’s not perfect it’s not good enough and I know here at Allett they expect nothing less than the highest levels of quality and reliability. ''Rob joined us in August and I was delighted to welcome him to the Allett team. His role as a product quality engineer touches all parts of the business including supplier development, all of our manufacturing & assembly processes and aftersales customer service. With his strong background in precision manufacturing he will be a valuable asset to the quality team. He has already proven himself to be a hardworking individual and is dedicated to improving our products and processes further'' (Alistair Gill- Quality Control Manager)
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