Third place winner Allett creative lawn stripes competition

The Importance of Reducing Thatch in Your Lawn

Why reducing thatch is important: At Allett we are passionate about giving our customers all the tools they require to created a beautifully British striped lawn however sometimes there are things you need to do to play your part. Thatch is that spongy feeling you get when you stand on your lawn. It is the build up of stolons and rhizomes (side shoots of grass) which have failed to break down in the soil forming a thick layer that prevents water, air and nutrients from reaching the roots of your lawn. Left to its own devices thatch will build up to the point where grass starts rooting into it to try and find available water and nutrients. When this happens your lawn is at a critical point- You need to scarify your lawn! Find a video below where Austin talks you through 1) What is Thatch? 2) Why do we need to start reducing Thatch? and 3) What can we do to get rid of Thatch?
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