Andy White Customer Testimonial

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL- Andy White - Kensington 20H (USA)

I was born in the UK and moved to the US when I was 12, back in 1984. My father was in the paper machinery automation business. I used to be a truck (lorry) driver before becoming interested in turf grass care. Before my lawn was 3 inches tall and full of thatch, making it look dull and brown from my old mower mulching the clippings back in. My lawn is Kentucky Blue Grass (Poa pratensis), which is known to produce heavy thatch. The process to change it started with discovering Allett while looking at another brand. Taking 1/2 an inch off every week (twice a week mowing), until I was at 2 inches, as the rotary machine only has 1/2 inch increments for height adjustment.
After my Allett arrived, Roland Hall suggested using the turf rake / scarifier cartridge and to keep mowing with my current rotary mower until the grass that was laying over could be brought up and mowed to the same height. The scarifier brought up 12.5 catchers full of just the dead material in the lawn and brought back the green color. After two sessions with the scarifier I lowered my rotary mower's height to it's lowest setting of 1.5 inches. The next mow I set the Kensington to it's highest setting (4) and noticed straight away that the ends of the grass blades were not ripped and torn as they had been with the rotary mower. Before getting the Kensington 20H, I used a 34 inch zero turn mower. Some features I like on the Kensington are, the grass box out front so you know when it's full, how quiet its is compared to a rotary mower, the interchangeable cartridge system because you don't need to buy extra machines for each job and of course the way it stripes the lawn.
One of the most important reasons I wen't with Allett is the customer service. From before sales help to explaining how to get great results. Both though the numerous social media outlets to Roland Hall on the phone, the quick response to questions and comments is fantastic.
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