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ALLETT launch BRAND NEW website

Our Brand New Website!

At Allett Mowers, we”™re becoming increasingly aware of the impact of multimedia platforms and their use in everyday life. We want to make ourselves as accessible to you as possible, so we have created a brand new, fully responsive website in order to give you the most up to date information on all of our Allett cylinder mower products, using videos, photos and online manuals and brochures.
Allett Mowers New Website

Design and Targeting

We”™ve definitely gone bigger and bolder with our design, whilst keeping our traditional and well loved green and gold Allett colours. Being well aware that our loyal customers are very much split into two categories, we wanted our new website to reflect this, whilst making the navigation fluid and incredibly effortless - so the website is easier for you to use, no matter which device you”™re accessing from. We”™ve literally split our website down the middle, the left for the Allett Homeowner Range, and the right for our Allett Sports and Pro Range - so you can now literally just click which you”™re after and be taken right there. Whilst being super functional, we think it looks stunning!

Compatibility by Device

We”™re now fully optimised to be compatible with any device. We wanted to go ahead with a responsive wireframe so that our website literally grows and shrinks with you, whilst maintaining ease of navigation, readability and better still, stunning imagery at any size.

User Friendliness

The way we have had our website designed and developed, was so that it was easier for you, our loyal customers, to use whenever and wherever you want. We”™ve simplified our navigation, splitting our website right down the centre so you can select which Allett range you”™re looking for, whilst also categorising our main website areas in our main header bar, which drop down into subcategories, letting you find the cylinder mower for you, with as little effort as possible!

Fancy Features!


Our new Allett Mowers website is fully internationalised, so that we cater for all of our users no matter where you”™re from in the world. This includes a language translator and geolocation set up (or, minus the web jargon to you and I - our website is clever enough to tell where you”™re coming from and display the Allett Mowers website in your own language).

Dealer Locator

We also have an Allett Mowers global dealer locator, which will help you to pinpoint where your nearest Allett Dealer is, in over 20 countries.

Lawncare calendar

As we value our Allett Mowers customers both old and new, we wanted to give something back to the avid mowers out there. We”™ve had a snazzy lawncare calendar integrated to the website, meaning we”™ll give you an update every month on our top tips, in a stunning magazine-style format. Thank you to Geonet Solutions for their hard work in creating the website and understanding our needs.
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