ALLETT USER STORIES- Clint Kamyszek- ''The Neighbor Dominator'' - USA

ALLETT USER STORIES- Clint Kamyszek- ''The Neighbor Dominator'' - USA


Clint Kamyszek

Where do you live?

I live in Harrison Township, Michigan right on Lake St.Clair.

Give us a bit of background on your lawn

I have rotary cut my whole life and converted over to cylinder at the end of the 2019 summer at my old house. I started with 2 manual reel mowers before going battery. Then at the end of summer 2020 I moved 5 houses down and went from 1500 square feet to 5000 square feet. Since it was the end of the season I could only renovate the front 1600 because of lack of time. I used a 70-30 sand to soil mix with perennial rye grass (SS9000). I used a battery powered rotary mower and was impressed with how quiet it was. So I did some research and came across all these beautiful machines cutting sports fields and found out they were Allett cylinder mowers. When I found out that Allett had a battery powered residential machine at an affordable price I couldn't resist. Having a cylinder mower that cuts championship fields shrunk down to a residential machine was a no brainer for me. So this is my first full season with a battery powered cylinder mower on two different lawns. The lawn was rotary cut for years from the previous owner and there were ruts in the ground. On top of that it was all weeds. So the only thing I could do was start over. I unfortunately had to kill off the lawn and start all over again. I had 12 yards of sand and soil dropped off and I filled in all the low spots and levelled it. The renovation was very stressful. I did it in the middle of September and planted the seed at the very end of September. I was afraid that the seed would not germinate because the temperatures were so low. It was a lot of work. I had a water pressure issue and was having trouble keeping the seed wet, we had abnormally cold temps in the low 50's (Fahrenheit). When it finally germinated the city came out and dug up the center of my lawn and walked all over the baby grass and they had wheel barrows going everywhere. It was a nightmare.

What are your thoughts on the Allett Liberty 43?

The Liberty 43 is a fantastic machine. It is attractive, lightweight, and has a perfect cut. I love the cost of it as well. Other greens mowers are extremely expensive brand new and this one is a fraction of the cost. I also love how the cartridges are interchangeable. This will be my first season using the brush, scarifier, and verticutter. I am now able to get rid of other machines and save space!

What are your plans for 2021?

The outside of my house is not finished and I will be working on the side yard and back next season. I am getting a dock and deck installed next season and cannot start renovating until they are done with their machines in the back and side yard. I'm thinking of doing Kentucky Blue grass in the back and maybe a turf type tall fescue on the side. That way I can experience the whole spectrum of Northern grass types. I would recommend the Allett and have recommended the Allett to everyone. I feel the need to spread the word about the amazing machines. Clint's Social Media Channels Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube If you have an interesting story that is ALLETT related please email
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