Uplift 86e Battery Powered Rotary For Public Sale

Allett Uplift 86E Sale Launch

You may have seen recently on our social media accounts, the team at Allett recently made our impressive Uplift 86E battery-powered rotary mower available for public sale. To celebrate and to show everyone just what this fantastic piece of machinery is made of we have created a blog post explaining some of the key features of the machine and what you can expect from this new battery-powered mower if you were to get your hands on it. The Uplift 86E is the latest mower from Allett Mowers to be designed with and powered by a Cramer 82V 6Ah li-ion battery. The Uplift 86E is the battery powered version of our Uplift86 with new and exciting features. The Uplift 86E battery powered stadium rotary mower is designed for debris collection after matches and built on the experience gained with previous models. It features twin contra rotating blades for a high lift cut and vacuum for increased efficiency, while a full width rear roller produces perfect stripes. The cutting width is 86cm (34”) and there is a single point, robust and effortless height of cut adjustment betweUplift 86 Evolutionen 20mm – 75mm. A wide grass chute allows unimpeded grass collection and the moulded deck has been constructed with expertise from Wolverhampton University to optimize the airflow.Rounded corners on the deck prevent grass clippings from getting stuck and forming blockages. The Uplift 86E power source is an 82V 6Ah battery system which features four quick change battery docking stations and the mower can use any number of batteries from one to four. The batteries last approximately 1hr40's worth of mowing time in the Allett 86E. Batteries can be charged in 1.5 hours and they are interchangeable with the C34E in the Allett range aswell as other products such as leaf blowers, chainsaws and other battery powered hand held products. The batteries connect to a phone app via Bluetooth enabling the operator to check battery life, battery temperature and even the batteries’ location. There are three brushless motors for maximum efficiency and reliability, two powering the blades and one powering the rear roller. Using batteries as its power source the Uplift 86E is extremely quiet in operation allowing for usage during training sessions/ school lessons with exceptionally low hand-arm vibration for maximum user comfort and productivity. The 86E is cheap to run at approximately 40p to charge all four batteries compared to £2.50-£3 worth of fuel to mow a pitch. There are useful features in the 86E that are attractive to the end-user including a half-speed button that can be applied to reduce the machines speed at the end of the pitch. There are lower maintenance costs with the 86E with no fuel, petrol, air filters and engine servicing for example. This machine has been tested rigorously since it was first introduced at SALTEX 2019 with testing both in the field and in the factory. For example it has had 60,000 tip backs on our rig to test the handlebar strength, 400hrs on the test rig and over 100 hours of active mowing in a field setting. The demonstrations of this machine so far have been incredible both in the UK and abroad and we look forward to seeing it mowing the worlds top stadiums, schools and colleges in the very near future now it is available to order. Whilst in Cardiff we filmed a video on the benefits of switching to battery powered- find it below Learn more about the benefits of battery power. Coupled with a long lasting battery run time, the Uplift 86E also ensures low levels of noise being produced whilst the machine is in use. This can be particularly useful when in enclosed areas. Learn more about the Uplift 86E battery-powered mower and watch it in action below... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoKjVDOIyZw&feature=youtu.be Find our PROMO video here
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