Allett attend school careers fair

Allett Showcase British Engineering at Local School Careers Fair

January 14th 2020 saw Weston Road Academy host their annual school careers fair aimed at providing young adults with an awareness of the opportunities available to them when they leave school. Our Design Engineer (Shaun) and Engineering Apprentice Michael Bulzachelli (right) were on hand to showcase Allett Mowers. Michael started with us at Allett 3 years ago so has the perfect experience of life as an apprentice to pass on to the students. We spoke to Michael about the careers fair and his Apprenticeship at Allett so far…..

How was the Careers Fair at Weston Road Academy?

''We had a great day! We spoke to a number of pupils who were hugely enthusiastic about engineering and what we did as a company. I was able to pass on my experience regarding my three years at Allett and hopefully I've inspired them enough to want to take up a career in engineering in the future''.

Why did you decide to take on an Apprenticeship?

''I chose to go down the route of an apprenticeship as I can gain experience, training and new skills in a real work environment allowing myself to gain essential experience. Apprenticeships offer a foot in the door in terms of getting the opportunity to have access to a job when lacking in practical workplace experience. It’s possibly the best way to start to your professional career and learning whilst earning on the job is a big help''.

Why Allett?

''Since high school I knew engineering was the career path which I wanted to choose and what attracted me to take up the offer of an apprenticeship with Allett was the fact that they were a local business who were investing in local people. Since 1965 Allett has been manufacturing precision engineered walk behind cylinder mowers and are wholly British so I knew their engineering standards would be of the highest level''.

What’s involved in your day to day role?

''My day to day role can consist of 3D modelling and producing drawings for new products and providing engineering support within the business whether its to the shop floor, quality or production departments. I also carry out Engineering changes to our parts making sure that our components are produced to a good standard and are suitable for the task at hand''.

Have you worked on any major tasks?

''Some examples of the major tasks that I have worked on at Allett include the C27 petrol cartridge machine and the new C34 Evolution and UPLIFT86 Evolution mowers. I've been involved from start to finish on these machines so it's a great achievement to see them out cutting the pitches at the top sports clubs/schools and colleges''.

Who do you work alongside?

I work alongside three others within a great innovative engineering department, with each member having an impressive understanding of both the practical and theoretical sides of the engineering industry, all eager to pass on their knowledge and experiences which I am very thankful for''.

What are your thoughts on the working environment at Allett?

The working environment at Allett is full of positive attitude, commitment to excellence, respect and understanding but importantly for myself it also has a sense of humour at times. All of my colleagues are one hundred percent supportive to myself and Allett makes sure I have access to tools and training to help me excel not only now but so I can in the future''.

Has anything surprised you about your apprenticeship?

The most surprising part about my apprenticeship is that you’re not just considered the apprentice. You are given your own role and you can play a key figure within the business not just benefiting yourself, your department but the business as whole''.

Tell me a bit about how your college works around your work at Allett- what does this involve?

My week consists of one day a week at college where I am completing a Level 3 NVQ course in Mechanical Engineering and 4 days a week at work where I can put the new skills and knowledge I have learned into practice''.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

One of the main parts I enjoy about my role is that you get a sense of achievement from seeing components and machines your have worked on going through the manufacturing process from the initial design to the end user especially when you consider some of the customers we supply''.

Have you got any advice to other young people thinking of taking up an apprenticeship?

The advice I would give to other young people who are deciding whether or not to take up the opportunity of an apprenticeship is choose a job that you are not only good at but would enjoy doing the role, as if you enjoy the job you are doing you will not feel like you're at work. Remember it’s not just a choice of going to University or choosing an apprenticeship as you may go to university as part of your apprenticeship training''. Read more about Aidan Rotheroe our latest Manufacturing Apprentice here
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