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Allett Mowers 2020 Year in Review

As we all know, this year has been particularly challenging for everyone as a result of COVID-19, and we at Allett hope that everyone has been keeping safe through the pandemic. However, at the end of every year as you might know we at Allett like to do a review of everything that’s been happening. From new additions to the Allett Mowers Homeowner and Professional ranges to our annual lawn stripe competition let’s jump straight in and see what sort of a year 2020 has been for Allett.


Let’s make a start with some of the more mainstream news which has had an affect on everybody COVID-19. Of course so many people this year have been furloughed or have been working from home during this period and while this has given some people the opportunities to explore their hobbies and interests and in particular what has happened is it’s given people time to work on new lawn and gardening projects. As a result of this we at Allett have seen an amazing increase in the demand for our products from the Allett Mowers homeowner range. Our website traffic has seen a 225% increase in website visitors alone compared to the previous year. As well as this we are also happy to see that our most popular video on our YouTube channel (Allett Complete Cartridge Range) has reached over 590,000 views. The Allett Mowers YouTube channel now has 150 help videos for anyone looking for any information on Allett products or even general tips and tricks on how to maintain a beautiful lawn throughout the year. However, whilst website traffic and demand for our products has been exceptionally high this year, our manufacturing team has struggled to keep up with demand and our 43 international distributors have been very patiently waiting for new products along with our customers.

Lockdown Lawn Care

We’ve seen a big growth in the lawn enthusiast market and a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. As more and more people begin to take a deeper interest in lawn care, a brand new group of people have emerged this year and have started to make lawn care a major hobby. We have a great lawncare community of Allett users from all around the world on our social media channels all sharing their lawn photos throughout the year. This has also been reflected in the amount of submissions we had this year for our annual lawn stripe competition from over 11 different countries.

2020 Lawn Stripe Competition

This year’s lawn stripe competition saw entries from 11 different countries with one of the participants being Gary Barwell, Head Groundsman at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, who had a rather tough job on his hands for this year's competition. However, through all of the fantastic candidates and entries, we had this year the winner of the 2020 lawn stripe competition was Andrew Wain. Read more about our 2020 lawn stripe competition and our winner here.

Battery Power

Battery-powered machines continue to be one of the biggest changes the team here at Allett. This marks the fourth season of the Allett Liberty mowers from the Allett Mowers homeowner range since it was announced and released to the public. In particular, the 43 and 35cm models of the Liberty range have taken the reigns this year and have become our best selling products of 2020. Along with the Liberty range from the homeowner market, one of our most recent launches for the Allett Professional/sports range, the Uplift 86 Evolution, has also seen its sales really take off closer to the end of the year. As Allett produces more battery-powered mowers each year it’s becoming easier for our customers in both the Allett Mowers homeowner and professional markets to see the benefits battery power can offer and why it is such a great choice when it comes to powering mowers. Read more about battery power at Allett Mowers here.

The Return of a Classic

The team at Allett would like to say a big thank you to the Norwell Cricket Club who this year donated their classic Mk1 Regal machine. Sporting the serial number 001/66 this mower was the very first production mower manufactured by Allett Mowers 54 years ago all the way back in 1966. We are thrilled to have this classic mower and incredible piece of Allett heritage back at Allett Headquarters. The Mk1 Regal machine is going to be lightly renovated and proudly put on display in our reception at Allett HQ.

Looking to the Future

Looking towards the next few years of Allett we are prepared for our post-COVID business to look quite different to that of previous years. From new mower releases to a brand new eCommerce website with merchandise we are excited to see what the next few years will have in store for the team at Allett Mowers. We’d like to give a big thank you to all of our customers and wish you all a very happy holiday period. Find our video review below with Allett MD Austin Jarrett
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